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When you purchase the book between Oct. 15 - Oct. 29, send us your proof of purchase to and we will give you the following freebies (if you order from us directly, you will not have to send us proof of purchase):

67 Tips For Presenting Like a Pro
by Anne Miller
Anne Miller, author of Metaphorically Selling and the blog ‘Make What You Say Pay’ is the leader in communicating effectively with clients.
Speaker's Guide To Authentic Connection
by Lee Glickstein
Lee Glickstein is the visionary behind Relational Presence, Speaking Circles, and author of Be Heard Now.
Crucial Points To Succeed In Sales
(And Life)
by Alen Majer
Alen Majer is based in Toronto and is the thought leader behind Trigger Event Selling.
Developing Strong Value Propositions
by Jill Konrath
Jill Konrath is a leading sales strategist and the author of bestseller Selling to Big Companies. As the force behind the Shebang conference and the ‘Get Back to Work Faster’ site, she is a creative visionary committed to making a difference.
How Remarkable Is Your Customer Service?
by Chip Bell
If you want to mobilize relationships, Chip Bell is the one to learn from.
Think And Sell Like A CEO
by Tony Parinello
Tony Parinello is a force unto himself. He’s the brains behind Getting to VITO.  
Orchestrating Attitude
by Lee Colan
Author of  Winners Always Quit, Lee Colan is a truly inspirational trainer and speaker. All of his books and talks come from a place of deep integrity and passion.
The Laws Of Success In Sixteen Lessons
by Jim Altfeld
Jim Altfeld will teach you how to run a successful company.
Improving Your Sales Management
by Mitch Gooze
One of the leaders in the Marketing Performance Management field, Mitch Gooze is the King of Marketing in manufacturing.
How To Make A Powerful First Impression
by Kelly Robertson
Kelly Robertson teaches companies conventional sales techniques in a way that makes each seller a winner.

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