• MaestroConference: With a few dozen attendees, we ran a training session in which I lectured and did a Q&A about Buying Facilitation™ and sales. It was great fun.
  • Brian Carroll: Brian and I speak about how decision facilitation can help sellers become leaders for their clients/prospects.
  • Lee Glickstein: Lee is the fabulous thought-leader who developed Relational Presence and Speaking Circles. He and I discuss some ‘dirty little secrets’ and how sales folks can truly serve clients.
  • Jeff Ogden: Jeff and I discussed some of the failures with sales and what to do about them.
  • Salesopedia: Clayton Shold and I discussed how sales people can be better/better/best!
  • Lee Colan: Lee really wanted to understand Buying Facilitation™ and how it could be used with sales.
  • High Velocity Radio: This was a fun interview: Stone asked me about the development of Buying Facilitation™ and why it’s important.
  • Gravity Free Radio: Eric was the perfect foil: he made typical assumptions about selling, and we used our time to show how sales fails and what you can do about it.
  • Anne Miller: Listen to Anne and I discuss metaphors and how buyers make decisions that match their stories.
  • Paul McCord: Paul and I discuss how to open accounts once you have the right leads.
  • Rain Today: Learn how to help clients manage their internal change issues on their way to Excellence.
  • Tony Parinello Interview: Listen while long-time friends Tony and Sharon Drew banter about sales, how buyers buy, and what to do once you're in front of VITO.
  • Tony Parinello Q&A: Hear Sharon Drew and Tony take audience questions - and hear how much fun they have as they come up with joint answers.

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