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Dirty Little Secrets should be a best-seller: The content and delivery is quite good, and so many people and organizations need to hear this!
Tery Tenant, Attainment, Inc.

This book is an insightful, dead-on analysis of how buying decisions get made. The systems approach makes people re-think the entire buy-sell dynamic. The examples are wonderful and I love the direct and personal style.  The whole thing screams experience, wisdom, class, success, and authenticity.  Best-seller????
Anne Miller, author, Metaphorically Selling

Wow, talk about getting outside the box! Sharon Drew Morgen has turned traditional sales thinking upside down and has provided a realistic tactical roadmap for sellers to help buyers get the internal buy-in they need for a buying decision.
Michael Norton, CEO and Founder,

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If you thought you knew all the leading sales methodologies, tactics and teachings, think again.  Sharon Drew Morgen turns conventional selling on its head by teaching us that it’s about helping your buyers manage their internal issues before they can buy anything. Dirty Little Secrets is a must read.
Rich Dougherty, CEO, Expert Choice

This book is fantastic!  What Sharon Drew teaches is respect and support for a buyer's decision making process.  Great stuff!
Kathi Kruse, Kruse Control Inc.

Dirty Little Secrets takes us inside our buyer's decision-making process where we discover the factors they need to address prior to making a decision - most of them having nothing to do with our product or service. You'll discover numerous strategies to help prospects deal with these issues leading to faster decisions, minimal competition and more sales!
Jill Konrath, author, Selling to Big Companies

For the first time, Morgen finally reveals all the Dirty Little Secrets of the buying process. As a veteran seller for 20 years, this book gave me a complete new look on selling and buying.  Excellent work and highly recommended!
Geert Conard, CEO, Geert Conard Management Solutions

Morgen’s ground breaking book teaches how to understand how decisions are made in an organization and how to manage change, with insights and strategies you won't find elsewhere.  I've been using this new model in my business and already see almost unbelievable results. Instead of selling, we are actually teaching our customers how to buy.
Peter Casebow, CEO, GoodPractice

Dirty Little Secrets provides insight into issues that are often ignored or misunderstood in the sales process. It will challenge the assumptions and rules we’ve learned from all sales methods. If you want to understand how decisions and are really made and willing to complement your sales skills, this is a must read.   
Mary Anrigo, Director, LastMile Xchange

Where can I buy this book?
Amazon | Special Bundle | Other

Sharon Drew continues to provide the cutting edge thinking in sales. Her points are not only valid, but practical. I never realized how buyers really think and make decisions – I do now! Dirty Little Secrets is excellent for my entire management team. The extra benefit of this brilliant book is I can use this with my staff, wife and kids!
Reg Athwal, Chairman, RAW Group and OneTVO

Revealing the secret to how people really buy has been untouched... until now!  Dirty Little Secrets delivers powerful insights and practical thinking that transform not only selling but all forms of decision making. Those who read this book will reap the professional and personal rewards!
Lee J. Colan, author, Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence

As a Partner in a global executive search firm, I have been struggling to understand how decisions get made in an environment of “NO.”  Dirty Little Secrets has not only led to my understanding, but has led to closing several engagements that have been floating around for almost a year.
Deborah Sawyer, Managing Partner, Ogders Berndston

She’s done it again. Having pioneered the new sales paradigm more than two decades ago, Sharon Drew is back with a very human, accessible and powerful approach that helps sellers and buyers collaborate. We’ve all been in the dark too long. It’s time these secrets were revealed.  
Britton Manasco, Principal, Manasco Marketing Partners

Dirty Little Secrets is a non-sales book that will most definitely increase sales.  It’s a break from the norm, which as you know is usually slower to be adopted in the beginning but if/when it catches on can ramp up quickly.  I think it has legs.  
Shad Spears, TurnPoint Capital Partners

As a management consultant, I know how challenging it is to uncover, let alone explain, the behind-the-scenes issues buyers face internally.  SDM has nailed it.  By reading this book you will come away with a far better understanding of the change management issues a buyer must contend with before they can ever consider buying.  I found the book exceptionally engaging, tremendously insightful with a very unique perspective, and well worth reading.  
Jim Altfeld, CEO Altfeld Inc.

Morgen leads the field in giving us insights into what really goes on inside the prospect’s decision making. This is not a business-as-usual book. She is asking sales folks to make a dramatic change in how they approach clients. All the research on sales confirms that Morgen is in the forefront of moving selling away from its dismal yet commonly accepted closing rates. Someday we will all use Buying Facilitation™ as part of our sales tools. Get this book and learn how now. 
Reg Nordman, Founder and Managing Partner, Rocket Builders

This book will be disturbing to the industry because it pulls back the veil: we’ll never be able to go back to the old way of just selling a solution. The book teaches us how buying decisions are made - an understanding that has been missing from the industry for so long. From this point forward, anyone who talks about sales has to mention this book - it's too big to push under the rug. The book is crystal clear, easy to understand, and right there for anyone to see. The book is sophisticated, but necessary for any serious sales professional. Once sellers read this, their typical approaches are toast. 
Jeff Blackwell, Founder,

Where can I buy this book?
Amazon | Special Bundle | Other

Dirty Little Secrets is a must read for any CEO or senior executive. Sharon Drew exposes the reasons why sales methodologies fail and provides deep insight into buying, decision making, systems and the change management every customer must go through before making a purchasing decision. The ground breaking concepts in this book are supported by real world case studies that provide buyers and sellers new innovative ways of addressing internal change management issues.
Mark Dallmeir, CEO, The ROBB Group Holdings, LLC

Sharon Drew’s Buying Facilitation® model is not only insightful, it works: it’s the only approach that manages the off-line buying decision process. We’ve been using her process for 10 years and the approach has helped us consistently grow revenues WITH our clients, in good times and bad. Dirty Little Secrets is the latest in Sharon Drew’s long line of best-of-breed business writings and should be on the desk of every CEO and sales professional.  After twenty years of writing and speaking about managing buying decisions, Morgen is THE thought leader behind our new thinking of helping buyers buy.
Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer, St. Meyer & Hubbard.

Dirty Little Secrets is an interesting, innovative, thought-provoking, and sophisticated book on systems, change management, and leadership. Although it is nominally a sales book, Sharon Drew maps out the route for how change happens in a way that supports the integrity of the whole system. It's ground-breaking work, and a must read for anyone who is a true student of change.
Alan Allard, President, Genius Dynamics, Inc.

Social entrepreneurs and progressives often get uncomfortable about sales techniques and wary of "manipulating" people. Dirty Little Secrets actually teaches how to serve customers by helping them make their best decisions, with no persuasion or manipulation - how to do good, make money and keep integrity intact. 
Gil Friend, CEO Natural Logic

Sharon Drew has written an inspirational and well-written book and I can highly recommend this sophisticated guide was an instant success for me. If you want to learn how decisions get made, how change happens, and how buyers buy - you must read this book!
Alen Majer, Author of Trigger Events" and "Selling is better than Sex.

I was...and still am, transfixed by Dirty Little Secrets. Its a brilliant and absolutely unique piece of thought leadership.
Ian Segail, Author of Bulletproof Your Sales Team




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